And we’re here to give voice to those shunned, outcast, and ignored by some of society. NERDS!

We keep the sacred nerd life safe, and discuss all things nerd and geek. All from our lair...

Mom's Basement!

The Keepers of Geekdom are a couple of normal guys who were contacted by a powerful internet being and selected to breathe new life into the Nerd Culture talk show industry. We strive to be more than just news and cool topics. We aren't afraid to battle the latest monster in this weeks D&D campaign, we certainly aren't opposed to debate, and we promise to always be smartasses! Stay tuned to get weekly dad joke level smart-assery and kind of expert-level debate! We are...THE KEEPERS OF GEEKDOM!

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The Thrall of the

*Awesomeness Intensifies*

Episode 3: Fan theories

We're Geeks! Who talk about

                   ...well geek stuff!

Episode 2:‍‍

What influenced us

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Episode 4: Marvel vs DC

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The geekdom!

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The Keepers introduce themselves

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