The founder and co-creator of The Geekdom. An avid writer and creator, check out his story and his work.

The web-master and second co-creator of the Geekdo‍‍‍‍‍‍m. A software and game developer in his spare time.‍‍‍

An aspiring musician and artist, Rick is also an avid comic book fan. Follow him to learn more about his obsession wi‍‍‍th Dark Knight Metal!

About the Kee‍‍‍pers

Video games, anime, books, and movies have always been a part of our lives. They have  helped to shape us into the people we a‍‍‍re today, having nearly as much influence on our personal development as our very own experiences. It could even be argued their impact has been far greater. The characters we’ve met along the way are friends, family, and mentors. They hold us up and teach us the ways of the world around us. And we are better for it. We have traveled far and wide. We’ve visited lands, both serene and chaotic, in the far reaches of the galaxy, in alternate dimensions, and in fantastic realms. Each of these experiences building on our character, molding us into the Keepers we’d become. We’ve learned about loss, about overcoming the odds, about the struggle of everyday life, and about growing up and facing your destiny right from the pages and frames of our favorite stories. It could be said that we owe everything we are to these amazing worlds. And from these experiences rose the Geekdom.

So come along for the journey as we go back to the lands that formed us and visit new worlds as they come into being. Join us as we discuss our opinions and perspectives and breakdown the multiverse into bite size pieces. Along the way we’ll discuss the philosophies of these worlds and of the writer’s who created them. There’s even bound to be tons of dad-joke humor along the way.

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