‍‍‍Jace Yeomans

A Message from Jace:

‍‍‍Whats up guys? My name is Jace, and I'm so excited to be a part of the Keepers of Geekdom. I've known Jonathan for a couple years and in that time we have had many nerd discussions. One day we finally decided to start building this empire. Because of our shared passions, and shared love for debate, and all things geek, we created the Keepers of Geekdom. We sincerely hope you all enjoy what we love to do, which is bring you guys tons of geek news and entertainment!‍‍‍

Fun Facts About Me:

‍‍‍So you already know I'm a Keeper, but I also Co-Founded and Co-Own Shadeaux Media. An indy video game studio start-up. We are currently in the middle of developing 2 games which will hopefully be lau‍‍‍nched‍‍‍ late this year. Above that and always first and foremeost a father to  beautiful children, and husband to a wonderful and beautiful wife. I'm also a huge gamer (duh), and big anime fan. That's probably alot of what you will see me review on my blog.