Jonathan Robbins, March 6 2019

“The Last Flight of the Cassandra”, by James S. A. Corey

The creators of The Expanse have done it again. In just 5,163 words they have crafted a tale that will get people hooked. This short story was written as a gift to the thousands of fans who supported the publication of Green Ronin Publishing’s The Expanse Roleplaying Game. The Kickstarter campaign raised $402,832, meeting and surpassing all stretch goals set for the project. The result is what is sure to be the gaming community’s next #1 Friday night obsession.

This short story is set roughly during the first half of Leviathan Wakes, the first novel in the series. We meet the crew of a small rock-hopper, the Cassandra, led by a man named Darius. This crew, like many crews who sail their ceramic bubbles through the terrifying reaches of our solar system, is a family. One who was brought together by small fortune born of small tragedies. Following the destruction of the Canterbury (better known by the Belter mantra “Remember the Cant!”), Darius and his crew realize the cost of prospecting will outweigh their ability to keep up with demands. This is the story of this crews last flight and in just 5 short pages the authors made us root for and feel strongly attached to these characters, like so many others. And they also give us a great example of the types of stories players will be able to tell through their own adventures. 

“The Last Flight of the Cassandra” is only available in copies of The Expanse Roleplaying Game player books. To experience this tale, and to create your own, be on the lookout in your local hobby shops and book retailers to get a copy of the guide for yourself. You definitely won’t regret it. And if you haven't started reading The Expanse or watching the Sci-Fi series on Amazon Prime, there was never a better time to start!

Written by

Jonathan Robbins


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